Health and Social Care Integration is a Scottish Government-led programme of radical service reform for people who use adult health and social care services.

It builds on previous work with the goal of ensuring health and social care provision across Scotland is joined-up and seamless, especially for those with long term conditions and disabilities, many of whom are older.

With the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 gaining Royal Assent on 1 April 2014, Health Boards and Local Authorities are now required to come together to integrate the planning and delivery of adult health and social care services. In Dumfries and Galloway this responsibility has been devolved to an Integration Joint Board, with the aim of ensuring good levels of health and wellbeing throughout the communities of the region.

However the application of Integration is not exclusive to the statutory services, with the Third Sector seen as a vital partner to support giving individuals more say in how they receive care and support in their immediate surroundings; adopt more preventative approaches and shift towards more outcomes-focused approaches. This is underpinned by nine National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes of which each partnership will work towards.

Third Sector, Dumfries and Galloway works to promote a strong and sustainable third sector which makes a lasting contribution to the wellbeing and prosperity of the people and communities of Dumfries and Galloway. As the region’s Third Sector Interface it is charged with advocating the role of the third sector and become a centre of excellence for the promotion of the sector and the provision of support and services to the sector.

The Integration Joint Board has funded Third Sector, Dumfries and Galloway to deliver a project across the region and in its four localities to:

  • Build clearer knowledge and understanding of current activity within the third sector, its contribution, capacity to change and capacity to adapt to meet the changes from Health and Social Care Integration.
  • Enhance the capacity of Third Sector organisations to make their contribution to the Integration Agenda regionally and at a locality level and identify any protruding barriers.
  • Ensure Community Planning Partners are better informed about the potential contribution from the third sector to the Health and Social Care Agenda, examples of good practice as well as the role of the Third Sector Interface.
  • Create strong information channels to allow the Third Sector to fully understand the impact of Integration on the delivery of Health and Social Care and both regionally and in each locality.
  • Make connections between the work being undertaken in Dumfries and Galloway and the rest of Scotland, including training and external support.

Through Integr3te.org.uk and a focussed e-bulletin we hope to provide the Third Sector with the latest news, developments and opportunities surrounding Integration, both locally and nationally, as well as key support and guidance. In turn, we also want to showcase the sector to our wider partners and be accountable for our own activities.

Registration for our e-bulletin is free for all and specifically targeted for those within the Third Sector working to deliver Health and Social Care.

For more information on the project or Third Sector involvement in Health and Social Care Integration please contact: hsci@thirdsectordumgal.org.uk