Shri Cameron is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist conducting research as part of a doctorate thesis in the School of Health in Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Looking at how personality, mood and social relationships can influence our mood as we age, this study requires volunteers aged 65+ to take part – with participants asked to complete a set of questionnaires with focus on how they think and feel about different situations.

There are no right or wrong answers to any of the questionnaires, with the whole exercise taking no longer than 30 minutes.

Please note, people with neuropsychological conditions (e.g., stroke, dementia, epilepsy or brain-injury), an intellectual disability, difficulties with substance misuse (current or past), moderate-severe cognitive impairments or difficulties with reading English are not advised to take part as they may find it difficult to complete the questionnaires.

For more information contact Shri Cameron E-mail: Telephone: 01387 244490